Below are links to video feeds of Sabbath and holy day sermons for the past 12 months. As sermons are added, the older ones will be removed. Visit  the audio sermons web page to listen or download some of the most significant sermons given by the Eternal Church of God.

The most recently archived sermon


Assyria, Germany, and the Roman Empire by Terry Moore 1/13/2018

We Are At War by Randy Schock 1/6/2018

Real Repentance by Terry Moore 12/30/2017

Tame the Tongue by Art Braidic 12/16/2017

A Christian Application by Terry Moore 12/9/2017

Designated Survivors by Randy Schock 12/2/2017

Days of Thanks Giving by Terry Moore 11/25/2017

Veterans of the Bible by Terry Moore 11/11/2017

What is Our Reality by Art Braidic 11/4/2017

Christian Masquerading by Terry Moore 10/28/2017

Christian Relationships by Art Braidic 10/21/2017

A Family of God Now and Then by Terry Moore 10/11/2017

Absolute Power by Art Braidic 10/9/2017

Discord to Harmony and Fasting by Terry Moore 9/23/2017

A Memorial of the Blowing of Trumpets by Terry Moore 9/21/2017

Good and Faithful Service part 3 by Art Braidic 9/16/2017

God’s Way of Life Academy part 1 by Randy Schock 9/9/2017

Inside Out and Outside In by Terry Moore 9/2/2017

Good and Faithful Service part 2 by Art Braidic 8/19/2017

Principle Doctrines of Christ by Terry Moore 8/12/2017

Deception (part 2) by Randy Schock 8/5/2017

Good and Faithful Service (part 1) by Art Braidic 7/29/2017

Wholeness and Holiness by Terry Moore 7/24/2017

Pride and Humility by Terry Moore 7/8/2016

An American Epitaph by Art Braidic 7/1/2017

Deception (part 1) by Randy Schock 6/24/2017

A Loving Father’s Day by Terry Moore 6/17/2017

A Day of Firstfruits by Terry Moore 6/4/2017

Two Witnesses by Art Braidic 6/3/2017

The Perfect Parent by Terry Moore 5/20/2017

The World’s Most Important Job by Art Braidic 5/13/2017

Pick up the Pace by Terry Moore 5/6/2017

Keep Going by Art Braidic 4/29/2017

Do You Value Your Birthright by Randy Schock 4/22/2017

You Are What You Think by Terry Moore 4/17/2017

Wave Sheaf by Larry Blake 4/15/2017

Pride by Art Braidic 4/11/2017

Who is Great? by Terry Moore 4/8/2017

The Worship of Self by Terry Moore 4/1/2017

Power Made Perfect in Weakness by Larry Blake 3/25/2017

God Speaks to Us by Art Braidic 3/18/2017

The Whole Armor of God by Terry Moore 3/11/2017

Perseverance by Art Braidic 3/4/2017

Religious Persecution by Terry Moore 2/25/2017

Overcoming Guilt of the Past by Larry Blake 2/18/2017

Valentine’s Day and True Love by Terry Moore 2/11/2017

Prepare to Reign by Randy Schock 2/4/2017

Commitment by Terry Moore 1/28/2017

Defining Marriage and Family by Terry Moore 1/21/2017

Wickedness of Sloth by Larry Blake 1/14/2017

Stages of Christ’s Return by Terry Moore 1/7/2017