To view or print sheet music for the Eternal Church of God’s Bible hymnal, select the below image.  You many also listen or download the piano music for any of the following songs. Visit the download instructions page here.



Page #

All Things Work Together 32


Be You Holy 18
Behold How Good It Is 40
Behold, the Day Will Come 13
Bless the Lord Eternal, O My Soul 10
Blessed Is the Nation God Is For 8
Blest and Happy Is He 11
Blest and Happy Is the Man 7
Blow the Horn Let Zion Hear 91
By the Waters of Babylon 69


Come, See the Works of God  71
Consider the Lilies  6


Declare His Works to All Nations!  29


Forgive, and You Shall Be Forgiven  44


Give Ear to My Prayer, O Lord  92
Give Ear Unto My Prayer, O God  68
Give Thanks and Offer Praise  64
Glory to Thy Name 77
Go Into the World 75
Go Ye Therefore Into All the World 46
God is My Rock, My Salvation 42
God Our Strength and Refuge Is 90
God So Loved the World 73
God Will See Us Through 12
Great God Who Made the Universe 48
Great is the Lord 82


Hallelujah! Praise God! 4
Hear My Cry, Eternal One 89
The Heavens God’s Glory Do Declare 54
His Mercy Never Fails 67
Holy, Mighty Majesty! 1
How Good It Is to Thank the Lord 87
How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings 72


I Will Praise Thee, O Eternal 74
If I Have Not Charity 88
In Days of Old 21
In Thee O Lord I Put My Trust 86


Joyfully Sing and Praise God 66


Keep God’s Sabbath Holy  70


Let Us Sing to God 85
The Lord Eternal Reigns 80
Lord, I Will Praise Thee! 26
The Lord God Reigns! 79
Lord, Teach Me That I May Know 5


The Mountain of the Lord 56


Not Many Wise Men Now Are Called 20
The New Jerusalem 15


O Give Thanks and Praise the Eternal! 34
O God, Forsake Me Not 28
O God, We Have Heard 65
O How Love I Thy Law! 38
O Lord of Hosts, My King, My God! 39
O Lord Thou Art My God and King 76
O That Men Would Praise Their God 30
O Thou God of My Salvation 84
On the Sabbath Day 24


Praise God’s Name 23
Praise the Eternal With a Psalm! 25
Praise the Lord, Sing Praise 58
Praise You the Lord! 50
Psalm 1 3


Sing Songs of Praise to Him 78
A Song in the Night 36
Suffer the Children 52


Thank You, Lord 27
Thee Will I Love, O Lord 19
There Is Joy In My Heart 60
They Are Blest Who Are Forgiven 22
Thy Word, Eternal, Is Truth Evermore 94
To the Hills I’ll Lift Mine Eyes 83
Trust in God and Stand in Awe 17
Turn, O God, and Save Me 16
Turn Thou From Evil 2


United We Stand 62


Wait and Hope and Look for God  14
Wake, My Heart  9
When Christ Shall Come  95
Why Do the Nations Make Plans in Vain?  93
Wisdom Begins with the Fear of the Lord  81