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Where will the marriage supper of the lamb take place? The Bible repeatedly explains that no one ascends to heaven after death. Perhaps as an overreaction to the false doctrine regarding heaven, God’s true Church has published very little about the subject of the marriage supper. In fact, some ministers have zealously taught that the saints will never go to the third heaven. They claim that those of the first resurrection will only rise to the clouds. This has led many to believe that the marriage supper of Christ and His bride will take place in the earth’s atmosphere. In their view, the elect will not see the Father, but will remain in the clouds until Christ returns to the earth. Is this teaching correct? Will those who attain the first resurrection be incapable of ascending beyond the clouds? Will they not be allowed to visit God’s throne? Does the Bible teach that the saints never go to heaven? Or have we missed something meaningful in our reaction to the teaching of others?