Is This the Only Time of SalvationThe vast majority of humanity has not known or accepted Christ as their personal Savior. Since the time of His ministry, billions have never even heard His name spoken. What will happen to all these people? What about children who may have died only days after being born, and the babies killed by abortion? What is the fate of the teeming millions who have not understood the truth of God? Are all these helpless individuals doomed to eternal damnation? Most sects of Christianity would say yes. Many claim that those who do not accept Christ in this life are destined to experience the tortures of hell fire.  However, such rhetoric is an outrageous belief that is not found in the Scriptures.  In fact, the Bible states that everyone will eventually have a chance to be saved, but now is not the only time of salvation. This booklet explains God’s plan for humanity and the destiny of the earth.

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