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From the time the Apostle John first recorded his astounding vision in the book of Revelation, a shroud of mystery has surrounded the identity and destiny of a unique assembly described as the 144,000. Who are these individuals John saw standing before God’s throne? Exactly when do they make their appearance on the prophetic scene? What does the Bible mean when it states that they are sealed? Who is the great multitude? Could there be more than one group of individuals known as the 144,000? Are they comprised only of physical Israelites? Why are the tribes of Dan and Ephraim excluded from the list? What do the Scriptures mean when they declare that they are virgins who are undefiled by women? How do they have victory over the beast and why do they sing a new song which no one can know but them? What future awaits these individuals?  How does their destiny differ from the rest of humanity? What may be surprising to most is that these questions are answered within the pages of the Bible. Our book on this subject contains compelling insight revealing the identity and destiny of the 144,000.  Considered by many to be a companion to Herbert Armstrong’s Mystery of the Ages, this is a book that all of God’s people should read.