The Sabbath TestEvery week members of the Church of God assemble on the Sabbath to honor the Creator of the universe. However, is it possible that many of God’s people have lost sight of what it means to keep His Sabbath holy? Has this day become a time for comfort and convenience? Is it considered a day to enjoy personal pleasures disguised as spiritual activities? Do we respect God’s instructions regarding His Sabbath? Or do we see the Sabbath as OUR day? The Sabbath Test is a booklet addressing a common practice of many Sabbath keepers who choose to dine out on the Sabbath. This detailed booklet explains exactly why frequenting restaurants on a God’s holy day violates the fourth commandment. It also answers the many excuses and rationalizations that ministers and brethren alike use in an attempt to justify their behavior. If you think that such activity is acceptable, or that it is a twiggy issue, our book will show you why choosing to dine out on the Sabbath may be a matter of life and death.

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