The Ten CommandmentsThere is a growing movement in our civilization—one that is undermining the future of the world. Ominous forces are at work removing the truth of God from society. One of the most serious and protracted of these attacks has been directed at the Ten Commandments. Ironically the greatest assault has come from the professing Christians who claim that God’s law has been done away through the death of Christ.  Are God’s Ten Commandments truly no longer required? Are we under a curse if we keep them? Was the law only for ancient Israel? Did they exist before being given at Mt. Sinai? Were the commandments simply a schoolmaster? Are they out of date? How exactly did Christ fulfill the law and the prophets? Did He abolish these laws? How is Christ the end of the law? What is the relationship between law and grace? Does grace free us from the commandments? Did Paul teach that they have been done away?  This profound book examines both the Old and New Testaments and answers the question if the Ten Commandments are truly are required today.

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