Christ’s commission for His Church to preach the gospel as a witness continues to be a priority. For this reason, the Eternal Church of God produces a television program proclaiming biblical truths. We have also written a number of books and booklets regarding the ungodly history of many secular holidays as well as explaining subjects such as salvation, heaven, prophecy, and the true gospel. One of these books is titled The Ten Commandments. It explains exactly why God’s moral law is required to be kept by all believers today.

The Ten Commandments

In addition to this part of the work, we believe that it is equally important to feed the flock spiritual meat in due season. In our age we have found that many Church of God organizations are in error regarding a some important doctrines. For example, most believe that dining out at restaurants on the Sabbath is permissible today. This prompted us to produce a book on the subject titled The Sabbath Test which explains why this practice is forbidden, and answers every argument ministers have used in an attempt to justify their practice.

The Sabbath Test

Another subject needing to be addressed is the annual required offerings.  Most organizations take up offerings seven times a year and claim that all seven are commanded, but the Bible clearly states that they are to be given three times annually. The true meaning of God’s edict inspired the Eternal Church of God to produce a booklet  titled Three Times a Year.

Three Times a Year

Because human beings are imperfect, there are frequent offenses, conflicts, and a need for reconciliation. Sadly, the Church of God in our age has rarely handled these situations according to the Scriptures. For this reason, we have produced a booklet titled The Truth about Matthew 18 which explains Christ’s instructions for resolving conflict among brethren.

The Truth about Matthew 18


One of the concerns of many Christians is the coming great tribulation and a place of safety promised to God’s faithful people. The timing, method, and reason for this safe haven has been the subject of much controversy. Some even teach that believers must be a part of their organization or God will not protect them. Such error inspired the Eternal Church of God to produce a booklet explaining when, how, and why God will protect His people at the end of the age.

A Place of Safety

Another misunderstood subject is Church Eras. Some teach that there is no evidence for prophetic Church eras as described in Christ’s missives dictated to John. They state that His missives were only written to various congregations that existed during the Apostle John’s ministry. However, there is an enormous amount of evidence for Church eras found in the Scriptures as well as in the pages of secular history. It is our belief that this information can make an enormous difference in the lives of many of God’s people.

Evidence for Eras

One of the most misunderstood subjects in the Bible is the 144,000. This topic has been the subject of much debate and controversy. Few realize that the identity and destiny of this unique group is actually revealed in the Bible. This profound number is thoroughly explained in our book titled The 144,000.

The 144,000

There are many other topics that numerous believers do not fully understand. Subjects such as the calendar, the true mark of the beast, the resurrections, where the marriage supper will take place, and the many prophecies of Revelation. For a complete list of the many subjects we have addressed, visit our books and booklets page as well as the articles, sermons, and Bible studies sections of this website. It is our hope that this material will be helpful to you.