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Evidence for Eras
In the book of Revelation, Christ commanded the Apostle John to record seven letters and deliver them to seven churches. Many believe that these messages picture seven chronological eras of God’s Church, each occurring at a specific time in history. Others categorically dismiss such a claim, asserting that there is no evidence for Church eras. What is the truth? This thoroughly researched book contains seven exhibits displaying undeniable evidence for Church eras. By taking into account prophecies from Revelation, the history of ancient Israel, and historical accounts of the New Testament Church of God, this book may be the single most important issue for us to understand as we enter the end of the age.
The Sabbath TestThe Sabbath Test

Every week members of the Church of God assemble on the Sabbath to honor the Creator of the universe. However, is it possible that many of God’s people have lost sight of what it means to keep His Sabbath holy? Has this day become a time for comfort and convenience? Is it considered a day to enjoy personal pleasures disguised as spiritual activities? Do we respect God’s instructions regarding His Sabbath? Or do we see the Sabbath as OUR day?

The 144,000The 144,000
From the time the apostle John first recorded his amazing vision in the book of Revelation, a shroud of mystery has surrounded the identity and destiny of a unique assembly described as the 144,000. Who are these people, and exactly when do they make their appearance on the prophetic scene? What does the Bible mean when it states that they are sealed? Could there be more than one group of 144,000, and are they comprised of only physical Israelites? Why are the tribes of Dan and Ephraim excluded? What do the Scriptures mean when they declare that they are virgins and not defiled by women? What future awaits these individuals, and how does their destiny differ from the rest of mankind? Answering these and many more questions with compelling Biblical insights, The 144,000 is a book all God's people should read.
The Ten CommandmentsThe Ten Commandments
There is a growing movement in our civilization—one that is undermining the future of the United States, and will ultimately affect the entire world. Ominous forces are at work removing the truth of God from our society. One of the most serious and protracted of these attacks has been directed at the Ten Commandments. Ironically the greatest assault has come from the professing Christian community itself. Are God’s Ten Commandments truly no longer required? Are we under a curse if we keep them? Was the law only for ancient Israel? Did they exist before being given at Mt. Sinai? Were the commandments simply a schoolmaster? Are they out of date? How exactly did Christ fulfill the law and the prophets? Did Jesus abolish these laws? Were they nailed to the stake? How is Christ the end of the law? What is the relationship between law and grace? Does grace free us from the commandments? Did Paul teach that they have been done away? What does the New Testament say about the law?

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