Herbert and Loma Armstrong 1947

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Mystery of the Ages

The Incredible Human Potential

The Missing Dimension in Sex

The United States and Britain in Prophecy

Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong Volume 1

Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong Volume 2

Booklets and Articles


After Death – Then What?

All About Water Baptism

Answers from Genesis

Are People Lost Because of Adam’s Sin?

Are We Back On Track?

Are We In the Last Days?

The Authority of the Bible


The Bible – Superstition or Authority?

The Book of Revelation Unveiled at Last

Can a Sabbath Keeper Believe in Evolution?

Christians Have Lost Their Power!

Come Help Humanity

Coming a New Age

The Crucifixion Was Not on Friday

Crime Can be Stopped… Here’s How!


Did God Create a Devil?

The Dilemma of Drugs

Do We Have the Complete Bible?

Do You Have an Immortal Soul?

Does God Exist?

Does God Heal Today?


Easter is Pagan

Ending Your Financial Worries

Evolution – A Theory for the Birds

Evolution – Some Fishy Stories

Evolution – A Whale of a Tale


False Conversion!

The Family – Gods Plan for Mankind

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse


Gods Great Sex Law

Has Time Been Lost?

Here’s the Plain Truth About Old Testament Polygamy

Hippies – Hypocrisy and Happiness

How Far Can You Get From Being a Prophet of Doom?

How Often Should We Partake of the Lord’s Supper?

How to Be An Overcomer

How to Have a Happy Marriage

How to Prevent Sin

How to Study the Bible

How to Understand Prophecy

How You Can Overcome

How You Could Commit the Unpardonable Sin

Human Nature – Did God Create It?

Humanity Cannot Solve Its Evils


If You Had Lived in the Time of Christ?

The Importance of Fasting

The Inside Story of the World Tomorrow Broadcast

Is All Animal Flesh Good Food?

Is God a Trinity?

Is Jesus God?

Is Sex Sin?

Is There A Hell?

Is There a Real Hell Fire?

Is This the End Time?


Just What Do You Mean Born Again?

Just What Do You Mean Conversion?

Just What Do You Mean Kingdom of God?

Just What is the Church?


The Key to the Book of Revelation

Lazarus and the Rich Man

Let God Fight Your Battles

Life After Death


Managing Your Personal Finances

The Mark of the Beast

The Middle East in Prophecy

Military Service and War

The Modern Romans

Must Gods Ministers be Ordained By The Hand of Man?

The Mystery of Melchizedek Solved


Never Before Understood – Why Humanity Cannot Solve its Evils

New Facts About Marijuana

The New Feminism


The Occult Explosion – What Does it Mean?

Pagan Holidays or God’s Holy Days?

The Plain Truth About Child Rearing

The Plain Truth About Christmas

The Plain Truth About Easter

The Plain Truth About Healing

Predestination Does the Bible Teach It?

Principles of Healthful Living

The Proof of The Bible


Read the Book

The Real Jesus

Recent History of the Philadelphia Era

The Resurrection Was Not on Sunday


The Seven Laws of Radiant Health

The Seven Laws of Success

Seven Proofs of Gods True Church

Should We Pray to God or Only to Christ?

Should We Use the Old Testament?

The Six Great Doctrines of Hebrews 6


A Tale of Two Prophets

Teach Your Children About God

The Ten Commandments

This is the Life – Real Abundant Living!

Thou Shalt Not


To Kill a People

Tomorrow – What It Will Be Like

The Tongues Question

A True History of the True Church

True Womanhood

Truth about Earthquakes

Truth about Makeup

The Truth about Masonry


Was Jesus Dead

Were The Ten Commandments in Force Before Moses?

What Do You Mean Salvation?

What Do You Mean the Unpardonable Sin?

What is a Liberal?

What is a Real Christian?

What is Armageddon?

What is Faith?

What is the Reward of the Saved?

What is the Soul?

What is the True Gospel?

What Kind of Faith Is Required for Salvation?

What Science Can’t Discover about the Human Mind

What Will You Be Doing in the Next Life?

Where are Enoch and Elijah?

Where is the True Church?

Which Day is the Christian Sabbath?

Which Day is the Sabbath of the New Testament?

Who is the Beast?

Who or What is the Prophetic Beast

Who Will Rule Space?

Why Did God Put You in His Church?

Why Does God Allow Wars?

Why Marriage Soon Obsolete

Why Were You Born?

World Crisis in Agriculture

A World Held Captive

World Peace – How it Will Come?


Your Awesome Future

Your Best Investment

Your Marriage Can be Happy


1975 In Prophecy

4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse – The Black Horse

4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse – The Pale Horse

4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse – The Red Horse

4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse – The White Horse