Below are links to video feeds of Sabbath and holy day sermons for the past year. As recent sermons are added, the latest ones are removed. For some of the most significant sermons given by the Eternal Church of God, please visit the audio sermons web page.

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God Speaks to Us by Art Braidic 3/18/2017

The Whole Armor of God by Terry Moore 3/11/2017

Perseverance by Art Braidic 3/4/2017

Religious Persecution by Terry Moore 2/25/2017

Overcoming Guilt of the Past by Larry Blake 2/18/2017

Valentine’s Day and True Love by Terry Moore 2/11/2017

Prepare to Reign by Randy Schock 2/4/2017

Commitment by Terry Moore 1/28/2017

Defining Marriage and Family by Terry Moore 1/21/2017

Wickedness of Sloth by Larry Blake 1/14/2017

Stages of Christ’s Return by Terry Moore 1/7/2017

Understanding God’s Will by Terry Moore 12/24/2016

Be Anxious for Nothing by Larry Blake 12/17/2016

Grow in Grace and Knowledge by Randy Schock 12/10/2016

Lessons from Flight by Art Braidic 12/3/2016

A Little Flock by Terry Moore 11/26/2016

What’s Missing in Thanksgiving Today? by Art Braidic 11/19/2016

Is Voting Biblical? by Terry Moore 11/12/2016

Live the Kingdom Now by Larry Blake 11/5/2016

A New Beginning by Terry Moore 10/24/2016

The Love of God by Art Braidic 10/23/2016

Can We Lose Rewards? by Terry Moore 10/22/2016

God Wants to Give us the Kingdom by Randy Schock 10/21/2016

Labor of Love by Terry Moore 10/20/2016

Imitating Christ by Art Braidic 10/19/2016

The Heaven’s Declare God’s Glory part 2 by Terry Moore 10/18/2016

Stay Focused on Our Goal by Art Braidic 10/17/2016

Reasons to Rejoice by Terry Moore 10/16/2016

Binding the Devil by Terry Moore 10/12/2016

The Marriage Supper by Terry Moore 10/8/2016

Psalm 81, Trumpets, and Jericho 10/3/2016

Feast of Tabernacles 1983 opening night by Herbert Armstrong 1983

How to be Led by the Holy Spirit by Terry Moore (9/24/2016)

Relativism by Art Braidic(9/17/2016)

Gideon’s Army – Called, Chosen, and Faithful by Terry Moore (9/10/2016)

Warning Signs by Art Braidic (9/3/2016)

Fearful and Unbelieving by Terry Moore (8/27/2016)

Pleasing God by Art Braidic (8/20/2016)

The Fear of God by Terry Moore (8/15/2016)

Are We Lukewarm? by Randy Schock (8/9/2016)

Group Think by Art Braidic (7/30/2016)

The Temple and the Man of Sin by Terry Moore (7/23/2016)

Double Minded by Art Braidic (7/16/2016)

What Kind of Independence Do We Seek? by Terry Moore (7/9/2016)

Clean Your House by Larry Blake (7/2/2016)

Last, but not the Least by Terry Moore (6/25/2106)

I Want to be Just Like You Dad by Randy Schock (6/18/2016)

The Truth about Pentecost by Terry Moore (6/12/2016)

Human Nature by Art Braidic (6/11/2016)

Spiritual Healing by Terry Moore (6/4/2016)

Developing Godly Character by Larry Blake (5/28/2016)

Number Nine by Terry Moore (5/21/2016)

Stay Connected by Art Braidic (5/14/2016)

The Truth about Mother’s Day by Terry Moore (5/7/2016)

Countdown to Pentecost; what it should mean to us by Larry Blake (4/30/2016)

Considering the Cost of Sin by Art Braidic (4/29/2016)

Examining the Bread by Terry Moore (4/23/2016)

Servant Based Leadership by Terry Moore (4/16/2016)

No Greater Love by Art Braidic (4/9/2016)

The Standard by Terry Moore (4/2/2016)

Sinners Anonymous by Randy Schock (3/26/2016)

God’s Good Pleasure by Terry Moore (3/26/2016)

Whoever, Wherever, Whenever, Whatever by Art Braidic (3/19/2016)

Have You Confessed Today? by Fred Wittlake (3/12/2016)

What You may not Know about Stealing by Terry Moore (3/5/2016)