For your convenience, you may submit tithes or offerings through PayPal by clicking one of the buttons below. Our paypal account is


Please note that the “donate” button below enables supporters to submit tithes and offerings online and does not require a PayPal account. Whether you have an account with PayPal or not, PayPal can charge the Eternal Church of God a fee of 3% of each donation for using their service. To insure that 100% of your tithe or offering goes to the work of the Church, this fee can be avoided by the following a few easy steps.

Instead of using the below button, use the above “PayPal Donate” link.  Simply log into PayPal and select the “pay or send money” button.  Select the option “Send money to friends and family.” Enter our email address of and key in your donation amount. You may also send a tithes and offerings through regular mail at:

The Eternal Church of God
P.O. Box 80248
Billings, MT  59108

Thank you for your support of this branch of God’s work.