Hey Look Around

Mister Piano Player

It’s Got To Be Forever

Since 21

A Song With All The Country In

Family Night

Welcome to Ambassador

Dreamin’ On

S.E.P. Camp Song

Workin’ Man’s Name

Sunset to Sunset


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Select this link to learn how to download these songs. The artists who contributed to these songs are: John Zahody, Gary Briggs, Ross Jutsum, Bruce Clausen, Garner Ted Armstrong, Tom Crab, Jim Thornhill, Jennifer Stokes, Terry Miller, Kike Lord, Paul Shaeffer, Sandy Gordon, Steve Hart, Carol Galloway, Valerie Branham, Phil Greenwood, Sue Woodham, Rick Knea, Jeannie Severson, Lori Richardson, Tammy White, Dave Cox, Kathy Braden, Nancy Dickinson, Jeb Egbert, Mike Hale, Davy Myers, Liz Meredith, Barb Quillen, Michelle Rasmussen, and Marty Yale.