The Messiah said, “I will build my Church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Mat. 16:18). Thus, God has preserved His Church down through the ages. The Eternal Church of God is a committed community of believers that traces its roots to this same Church established by Christ and led by His apostles. In recent history, many of our members were a part of the work Christ performed through Herbert W. Armstrong.

During the first half of the twentieth century, Mr. Armstrong began to powerfully preach the true gospel. He began the Worldwide Church of God and produced the World Tomorrow radio and television programs. He also founded Ambassador College, wrote several books, dozens of booklets, and published the Plain Truth magazine with a circulation of more than 8 million subscribers. Millions have been affected by this work, and many of God’s truths were restored to the Church during Mr. Armstrong’s ministry.

After his death in 1986, his successors eventually repudiated nearly everything Mr. Armstrong had taught. That organization began teaching doctrines that were never embraced by the true Church of God. The Apostle Paul warned that there would be “a falling away” at the end of the age (2Ths. 2:3). We believe that Mr. Armstrong’s successors fulfilled that prophecy.

As a result of heretical teachings that arose within the Worldwide Church of God, the flock was scattered just as the prophets Ezekiel and Jeremiah foretold (Eze. 34; Jer. 23). Numerous fellowships referred to as splinter groups have emerged. Most of these congregations share a common core theology, but many of them vary greatly in their approach to preaching the gospel as well as Christian living.

The Eternal Church of God is a fellowship born out of a belief that it must strive to do a meaningful work while continuing to earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints (Jude 3). This work began in March of 2000. We are committed to fulfilling Christ’s commission to proclaim the gospel message of repentance and the coming Kingdom of God. We also believe that there are several errors and misunderstandings within the wider Church of God today that must be addressed. To this end, the Eternal Church of God produces a variety of books, booklets, Bible studies, audio messages, video productions, articles, and the World to Come television broadcast. Our work is designed to declare the truth of God’s Word, His plan for mankind, and the destiny of the universe.

The Eternal Church of God has an ordained ministry dedicated to serving the needs of God’s people which includes: counseling, baptizing, anointing, preaching the gospel, and providing spiritual meat. The director of ministerial and administrative services is Terry Moore.  Mr. Moore is assisted in these duties by Art Braidic and other baptized members of God’s Church.